Castleman Media

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messaging and placement based on your goals to reach your best prospects

castleman mediait's about generating customers

No one really wants to buy advertising. What you really want is more customers.

You know your business. We know our business.

The process is simple; we work with you to identify the characteristics of your potential core customer. We'll then design a plan to help you reach those potential customers by placing your message on the right mix of traditional and digital platforms with enough impressions to create the customer interaction that will help you achieve your goals.

The solution is simple; we'll make a recommendation based on maximizing the number of impressions served to your consumer target. This may include, but is not limited to Radio, Television, Direct Mail, Pre-Roll Video, Streaming Video, Display Advertising and Mobile Advertising.

There's no mystery; just intelligent design and well-focused ad messaging.

The result; more customers for your business.

If you're serious about generating new business, please call the number listed below.


Castleman Media is the proud producer of the American Music Experience, heard every Sunday from 6am to 8am on NewsTalk 1400 WZFC !